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Request to License Entity To Practice Monitoring Works - MCC/OPS-03/SRVS-10

This service objective is to register and qualify video surveillance system integrators to implement the standards of MCC for public and private establishments to ensure that the employees of these companies comprehend the requirements for the implementation and installation of closed video surveillance systems that comply with the standards of MCC.

Channel availability


Required documents

  1. Engineer successfully passing the exam.
  2. Abu Dhabi Trade License contains activity (Security & Surveillance System Installations & Maintenance).
  3. Valid Visa for engineers and technicians. 
  4. Company Employee List issued from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization​.
  5. Police clearance for the proposed candidates issued from the ministry of interior.
  6. Non-Disclosure Agrrement (​Download​).

Special conditions

No conditi

Process description

  1. ​​Customer submits service through the website.
  2. Application is reviewed and approved if all documents are submitted.
  3. Candidates chooses date for workshop and examination.
  4. Workshop is presented to candidates.
  5. Candidates undergoes examination.
  6. Announcement of the results for the qualified and unqualified candidates.
  7. Service is received by the customer.

Services fees

Without fees / بدون رسوم

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