Services details

NOCs Issuing Request - MCC/OPS-03/SRVS-13

Approve the issuance of NOC to start civil works or designs and ensure that the site is free of MCC services

Channel availability

  1. MCC ​Website
  2. eNOC System

Required documents

  1. Undertaken letter
  2. ​Official letter​
  3. Project Detail Design

Special conditions

  1. Complete all documents and plans required to provide the service
  2. ​Letter of commitment to meet the requirements of the Center in the case of one of the requests of the target parties to the application of standards​

Process description

  1. The requester shall submit NOC certificate through the MCC's website or through the eNOC system.
  2. The request shall be received and the reference number shall be sent.
  3. The request and required documents shall be study by Design Section standards
  4. The request of targeted organizations shall be evaluated based on Standard Applied Section (SAS) standards.
  5. The technical reply shall be received from design section/ SAS
  6.  An email shall be sent to the requester attached with MCC's reply on the clearance certificate.

Services fees

Free / مجانا

Beneficiaries of services