Services details

Clearance Certificate for Damages to MCC Properties Request - MCC/OPS-03/SRVS-14

This service objective is to issue an accident clearance certificate from any damages to MCC assets

Channel availability

MCC Website

Required documents

  1. Incident Report

Special conditions

  1. Complete all documents required to provide the service
  2. Receiving the value of damages specified by MCC

Process description

  1. The requester shall submit a clearance certificate request through the MCC's website
  2. The request shall be received and the request number shall be sent to the requester.
  3. The damages of MCC's assets shall be assessed for approval and the insurance company or requester shall be contacted.
  4. The damages shall be paid through bank deposit to the MCC's account.
  5. An email shall be sent to the accident owner (requestor) attached with clearance certificate.

Services fees

Free / مجانا

Beneficiaries of services