Qualified Companies

It is not allowed to work with non-certified companies/integrators for projects related to MCC.When implementing a video surveillance system through a certified integrator, make sure to verify the Company Reference No. listed below:

List of Qualified Companies for the implementation of Video Surveillance System

#Company nameCompany Reference No.EmailCompany phone number
1 Royal Technology Solutions LLC MCC/SAS/00001   RTS_HR@rts.ae   028111333
2 Alsaher International Electronic System LLC MCC/SAS/00002   info@alsaher.com   026581234
3 Site Technology Limited Company MCC/SAS/00003   mujtaba@site-technology.com   026576900
4 Itqan Alkhaleej Computers LLC MCC/SAS/00006   muralidharan.m@itqan.ae   026767666
5 Emirates Net Systems L L C MCC/SAS/00008   admin@emiratesnet.com   026744666
6 Etisalat MCC/SAS/00009   majealshamsi@etisalat.ae   026283333
7 M A B International Services LLC Branch Of Abu Dhabi 1 MCC/SAS/00010   anish.j@mabgroup.com   024912138
8 Atlas Security MCC/SAS/00011   george.menassa@atlassecurity.ae   026127500
9 Emphor Trading LLC MCC/SAS/00013   emphorauh@centena.com   026763110
10 Fibre Optic Supplies Services L L C MCC/SAS/00015   abudhabi@foss.ae   026788340
11 Golden Shield Security and Safety Systems MCC/SAS/00016   medhat@goldenshield.me   024415353
12 Opal Protections Systems LLC MCC/SAS/00018   support@opalps.net   026678024
13 Al Aberah Electrical Mechanical Works MCC/SAS/00019   andrek@alaberah.ae   026717373
14 All Tel Smart Safety AndSecurity Systems MCC/SAS/00020   info@all-tel.ae   037229099
15 Bohra Information Technology Solutions Computer Trading Co LLC MCC/SAS/00022   sales@bits.ae   025526786
16 Century Technical Solutions LLC MCC/SAS/00023   shamweel@ctsuae.ae   026312148
17 Eagle Eye Smart Systems MCC/SAS/00025   accountant@eagleess.com   026289898
18 Emission Trading Computers And Accessories LLC MCC/SAS/00027   support@emission-uae.net   026441191
19 Eurosec Automation Security Sustems Branch Of Abu Dhabi 1 MCC/SAS/00028   alaa@eurosec.ae   024952887
20 Flame Computer Company LLC MCC/SAS/00029   info@flameuae.com   037370370