Strategic Framework
Strategic Pillars:
  1. Providing a modern and advanced service for monitoring and control systems.
  2. Electronic monitoring to public and private places and facilities.
  3. Building and developing the infrastructure for monitoring and control systems.
Strategic Objectives:
  1. Increase the number of stakeholders and expand coverage.
  2. Maintain the security, sustainability and availability of the Centre’s services.
  3. Control and manage revenue flow according to the laws.
  4. Develop the service quality and enhance the Centre’s effectiveness to improve the offered services.
  5. Maintain the promotion and creation of knowledge management and innovation.
  1. Providing an integrated services system.
  2. Increase the number of partners and users.
  3. Governance and information security.
  4. The development of national cadres and the transfer of knowledge.
  5. ​Asset Management.
  6. Earning revenue from the center's services.
  7. Application of standards and visual monitoring systems.
  8. Expand coverage.
  9. Innovation, smart transformation and future foresight.
  10. Excellence and continuous improvement.
  1. Productivity.
  2. Integrated and coherent policies and processes.
  3. Empowered human cadres.
  4. Support the senior leadership.
  5. Motivation and work environment.​