Director General’s Speech

Under the guidance of our wise government, the Monitoring and Control Center (MCC) has been transferred to fall under the Supreme Council of National Security. This transfer is aimed to enhance the state's capabilities in monitoring and control systems and strengthen its position as a center for innovation and leadership in services and technology in this area.
In line with the insightful vision of the wise government in achieving leadership in various fields, the MCC has been working since its founding in 2011 to propose public policies and draft laws and principles with the aim to develop standards and regulations required for monitoring and control systems. This has achieved the issuance of many standards and the decisions that organize and implement the work of monitoring and controlling systems.
Through our awareness of the size of the duties and responsibilities that we proudly carry, the MCC has been keen to put all the elements that ensure success in the performance of its mission. The MCC has focused on providing advanced interactive channels with all members of society to enhance the principle of transparency and effective communication. The goals of this strategy are to raise the level of services and share views with everyone to be more familiar with the strategies, plans and policies adopted by the MCC to support all concerns related to the systems and services provided. The MCC launched its website supported with the latest advanced communication tools to achieve this goal and focus on work methodologies based on encouraging dialogue and interaction with all.
In conclusion, I avail myself this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to everyone who communicates with us through the website, an interactive portal through which we invite you to continuously communicate with the MCC and provide us with proposals that enhance and develop our services continuously.​

 Saeed Saif Al Neyadi  ​​
Director General​ - MCC